• He involves himself in pre-offering activities by making offer proposals and analyzing the specifications;
  • Take the bidding phase by making offer proposals, pricing strategies, collaborates with the project team;
  • Presentations and demos to customers;
  • Analyzes and identifies customer needs;
  • Propose solutions to customer needs;
  • He is up to date with the latest technologies;
  • He offers support to the sales department throughout the whole project,till the contract is signed.
Presales Specialist

Ideal Candidate:

  • University degree with bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science/ Automatic Control and Computers/ Electronics/ Telecommunications and Information Technology/ Cybernetics;
  • Knowledge about major technologies (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft);
  • Basic knowledge in developing software systems using Java and PHP technologies;
  • Ability to understand business requirements and relate them with technical architecture;
  • Ability to create solutions using artifacts and architectural models;
  • Basic knowledge in working with operating systems (Windows, Linux/Unix);
  • Cunoștințe de lucru cu baze de date relaționale (Oracle /SQL Server/ MySql);
  • CKnowledge of IT technologies and frameworks;
  • Knowledge of applicable IT standards;
  • Attitude oriented to solving problems;
  • Ability to self-organize and optimal planning of tasks;
  • Excellent relational and communication skills;
  • Ability to work in teams;
  • English language at least average.

Special Requirements:

  • Experience in working with hardware and communication equipment is an advantage;
  • Knowledge of Project management is an advantage;
  • Experience in IT acquisitions is also an advantage.