Represents an advantage:

  • Having around 3 years of experience in software development using Oracle SQL, PL/ SQL (including Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Packages);
  • Extensive experience in Oracle & PL/SQL programming;
  • Having good analytical and programming capabilities;
  • Inolved in analysis, design, coding and testing.
SQL Developer

Ideal candidate:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science/ Information Technology / Cybernetics);
  • At least 3 years eyears working experience in designing and developing database;
  • Strong skills in database development;
  • Ability to rapidly understand the business requirements and transform them into technical solutions;
  • Working experience with databases Oracle/MySQL/ Postgresql / Maria DB/ including schema designing, analysis and SQL optimization;
  • Great experience in the database platform especially on SQL standards and Java;
  • Ability to use software development methods.


  • Developed various database servers and ensured that they were properly maintained and supported;
  • Ensured that the existing data warehouses, reporting systems and various tools were adequately supported;
  • Monitored the performance of the database and checked on the execution time;
  • Identifying issues with the database and resolving them;
  • Diagnosing and resolving database access and checking on performance issues;
  • Created PL/SQL module which was used to integrate the existing data from third parties and on to the database;
  • Made sure that all the data assets were available;
  • Involved in modifying various existing packages, procedures, functions and triggers according to the new business needs;
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries to retrieve data from the database;