eCard SOLUTIONS™ is a B2B system, offering our partner the possibility of delivering quality services for 13.000 clients, mostly economical agents, hovering in the top rankings regarding clients like corporations and public administration.
eCard SOLUTIONS™ is a complete software solution specially dedicated for card issuing economical institutes, from financial institutes, banking or non-banking or retailers that want to implement card use by their own brand or co-branded for trading in own network.
eCard SOLUTIONS™ is a complete solution because it includes all the information management facilities throughout the whole trading flow, from card issuing to defining the network ,trading over the network , billing for purchased products and services, clearing.
The informatic system provides facilities for issuing debit, credit, prepaid and loyalty cards just by using this software, eliminating the need to have a software for every type of card issued.
eCard SOLUTIONS™ is a robust system, a stable platform that has proven the test of time due to the fact that is still in service for over a decade, working 24/7 ,all year round in Lukoil Romania network.
At one year after implementation of the card system, it has become the main system of the distribution network, more than 60% of sales being traded by eCard SOLUTIONS™.