Electronic Debit System™ is a B2B computer system, a unique solution ,exclusively dedicated to the work flow of tracking and enforcement ,being an innovative instrument, extremely useful for its beneficiaries.
The system was implemented and is still in use by the National Employment Agency.
During the process, the staff of the departments/specialty compartments perform a laborious activity that involves the issuance and management of a very large number of documents, providing information from various other insitutions that are part of the process of tracking etc.
The lack of such an instrument, a specialized software dedicated to the work of enforcement leads to inability of highlight and efficient administration of the budgetary claims under enforcement, at all stages involved, since the finding, establishing till settling the debits.
Electronic Debit System™
Current legislation establishes clear rules regarding the debits finding, tracking and execution.
It is known that Information Technology (IT) in general helps to manage large volumes of activities and sometimes low value. Relief personnel of bureaucratic burdens through the use of a tool is a way through which it can free up resources to be used in the work to ensure compliance.

Main features: