IT Systems International S.R.L. as the software maker of the company's portfolio has the aim to expand the distribution network by building a partnership with potential interested companies. The partnership relationship envisages two types of collaboration and aims at:

  •  Selling (commercial) product(s)
  • Implementation and/or technical support services for products sold through this program

We are a dynamic software company that provides proprietary or on-demand software solutions as well as technical advice and maintenance services for the provided systems.

Our IT systems have been in operation for many years, contributing to the success of our customers'businesses, through the robust and stable IT platforms that we have at our disposal.

Our experienced team provides software solutions with high availability, reliability and high security for both the private and the government sector.

Partnership program

The commercial company adhering to this partnership program will work within the program as a resseler partner and will have the right to resell the product/software products to its own clients under the technical and financial conditions provided in the resseler program.

In the activity of our company, the product portfolio includes the following basic products made by our company:

  • eCardProfessional™ - for the issuance and management of the European Professional Card, is a complex system that includes functionalities capable of serving all the entities that interact within the information flow in which this tool is displayed.
  • Electronic Debit System™ - the first specialized IT system that allows for the computerized management of the activity carried out by the departments for finding, tracking and executing debts in accordance with the provisions of the Fiscal Code and related legislation.
  • SYNC-IT™- is a computer platform that ensures connectivity and interoperability with a large number of electronic data sources of some public institutions of national interest.
  • The Inner Circle (TIC) ™ is a collaborative platform that is part of the product portfolio developed by IT Systems International SRL and is intended for any type of organization: SMEs; NGOs; Multi-national societies; Public institutions.

The marketing of these products is an important point in our company's sales strategy, therefore it was considered necessary to create an alternative channel to direct sales, to develop a partnership program that would include commercial companies interested in and able to sell the product Is formed in a distribution and sales network authorized by our company.

Description of the partnership program

Under the partnership program, the reseller companies that adhere to it will benefit from the following facilities:

  • Commission: As a result of the marketing and commercial activities of the partner, it receives a commission based on the value of each license sold, as specified in the Reseller's contract in accordance with the contractual provisions between the parties.
  • Delivery support and implementation: IT Systems International SRL will provide support for product delivery, customization and implementation, as agreed between the parties, for each end-user of the license.
  • Free training: At the request of the Reseller, the Producer grants free of charge the training of the partner's staff to the basic features of the software products offered for sale under the contractual relationship.
  • Market Recognition: Ensure partnership recognition in the market as "Authorized reseller of IT Systems International SRL products ..."
  • Indirect promotion of partner products: IT Systems International SRL in counterparty will promote, whenever possible, the products and services of the partner to its own clients.
  • Newsletter: Partners regularly receive information on the partnership relationship as well as information in the IT field.
  • Seminars and events: IT Systems International SRL organizes seminars to promote its own products and services. Together with the direct clients of IT Systems International SRL, the accredited trading companies as "Resellers" will be able to participate in these events whenever they consider these events to be of interest. At these seminars, Reseller will be able to take part in supporting the products that are the subject of the partnership and will be able to invite their own clients, within the limits of the available places.

IT Systems International SRL will be able to organize an annual event with the participation of all its partners. At this event, partners are informed about products, discussing issues related to the partnership relationship in order to establish joint actions to improve partnership work.

Partner-Reseller Profile

  • Enthusiasm and availability for new business opportunities;
  • Provides a wide range of services to customers including integration, installation, training and technical support;
  • has business relations on the market segments covered by IT Systems International SRL solutions;
  •  Experience and availability in sales;
  • Does not have similar partnerships for the solutions provided by S.C. IT Systems International SRL.

Working with partners

1. Signing the Reseller Agreement

After the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement and the Resseler Contract, the following activities are carried out:

  • Establishment of the persons responsible for the direct cooperation in the partnership relationship on the part of IT Systems International SRL and on the part of the partner;
  • The partner package (kit) containing promotional materials, working instructions and other tools necessary for the smooth running of the business are distributed to the partner;
  •  Training the partner's staff;
  • IT Systems International SRL participates in sales, marketing and PR activities on the partner's local market.

2. Activities carried out after signing the contract

  •  The project is organized on the basis of the partnership contract and the working instructions;
  • Responsibilities for IT Systems International SRL and Partner as Reseller are defined for each project;
  • The Partner Team and the IT Systems International SRL team are responsible for the successful completion of the project on the terms and conditions set by the contract;
  • The Partner receives the commissions for the contracts concluded as a result of the joint effort, according to the provisions stipulated in the Partnership Contract;
  •  Media coverage of project results.