Together to simplify IT

IT-Systems International is a dynamic software house offering turn-key enterprise software solutions, as well as technical consultancy and services. Our experienced team ensures high availability, reliability and security solutions for both, private and government sector.

Whether updating the archaic system or a completely new architecture and multidimensional solution, together we ensure our clients' business success.


You know your business - We know software!

Experience & loyalty for solid partnerships

For at least 10 years we create the premises of a successful business for our clients, through the quality of software solutions and IT consultancy services we provide to them. We build up together with our clients and partners a solid partnership based on loyalty and trust and we share the same purpose: a solid foundation for the long term success of every business.

Combining our technical expertise core with competencies and the global business understanding, the company is surging ahead, providing and enables technology solutions that seamlessly plug into the customer's critical business processes. Our software is tested by time, our solutions are in operation for many years, providing our customers stable platform and proven proven results in increasing client efficiency.


Consulting and design activities

Organizational consulting associated with the adoption of IT related solutions

Architecture design

Formulation of IT system development plans and efficiency evaluation of existing systems

Project management

Integrated management in developing and implementing IT solutions

Software application

Development and deployment of IT solutions, customization, re-engineering

System/application integration

Design, commissioning and management for integrating systems and/or applications

Systems/applications migration

Ensuring the portability across different platforms or architectures. Data migration

Consulting and design activities

IT Systems International SRL professionals have the ability to objectively assess your company`s situation in terms of technology related needs, and following the analysis of IT consulting, we can recommend the best solutions in full compliance with the strategiesand objectives of your company. It consulting, mentioned here as consulting technology, relates to services ment to help clients, regarding the way they use digital information technology, in reaching their business targets.

IT consulting provided by our company begins with an analysis by a consultant in order to obtain the information necessary to identify the real need of the client. The needs will emerge after discussion between the consultant and the client having the purpose to diagnose problems and client needs to find the right solution. After this stage, the consultant will identify current technologies and solutions to the need of client that they will include in a report with analysis, recommendations and implementation modalities.

IT Systems International SRL team of software designers is involved in the development and implementation of outstanding graphical user interfaces, software that ensures uniqueness for each solution.

Architecture design

Architecture aims to introduce structure and vision in implementing software solutions developed and implemented by IT Systems International SRL. Architectural design plays an important role in modernizing the business aspects of the beneficiary, transforming IT and software development.

Specialists within IT Systems International SRL apply the fundamentals and mechanisms of architecture design, applying the best approach and technique. Thus, IT Systems specialists apply various types of architecture: the distributed architecture, service oriented architecture or architecture for mobile applications. With this component made solutions are well defined efficient, flexible and high quality technology for the benefit of our customers.

Project management

A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning.

IT Systems International SRL provides, each time for each project, covering all activities included in developing project management: definition, initiation, planning, execution, control and project completion so that the beneficiary successfully achieve their specific objectives. Project management applies a specific methodology.

Software applications

Our experienced team provides software solutions with high availability, high reliability and security for both private sector and for the government. Computer systems designed and implemented by us are in operation for many years, successfully passed the test of time and thus contributing to the business success of our customers with robust and stable computing platform on which we have provided. The quality of a software product is based on "ability to be used effectively, efficiently and comfortably by a set of users for a set of purposes under specified conditions.


Achieving the goal of which was made the basis of the product, providing the correct or agreed results or effects, the presence of an appropriate set of functions for specified tasks.


Product capability of maintaining its level of performance in strictly defined conditions and for a long period of time. Tolerance for flaws (robust) and restore after crash.


Easy to use by any defined set of users. Characterized by ease of understanding, easy to learn, all combined in a very appealing interface with outstanding performances.


The relationship between the performance of the product and the amount of resources used, under defined conditions. For a program to be effective, it must be based on an efficient algorithm.

Ease of maintenance

Minimum effort required to make changes, including corrections, improvements or adaptations to changes in product operating environment, tasks and functional changes.


Ability of the product to be transferred from one organization or platform software / hardware to another, adaptability, ease of installation.

System/application integration

IT Systems International team through the implementation of various IT systems over time has proven its special systems integration, software components and related hardware infrastructure to act as a set of coordinate. System assembly brings together discrete systems using a variety of techniques such as computer networking, application integration, business process management or manual programming.

Systems/applications migration

Many companies adopt smarter systems to transform IT and gain competitive advantage. Moving from a obsolete system that no longer meets the needs of customers is a complex operation, consuming time and resources.

IT Systems International SRL has experience in providing necessary support for the operations of migration from legacy systems to more intelligent ones, using specific tools and know-how so that time and resources are reduced and ensure acceleration of migration to the new system for the benefit of current activity of the beneficiaries.


Optimize costs, increase efficiency and ensure a high degree of manageability - is a must for any company that wants to develop dynamically today. Outsourcing gives organizations the opportunity to have IT essential services to the proper conduct of business and even able to achieve technological improvements of available software solutions.

IT SYSTEMS International SRL offers a wide range of cooperation solutions:

  • Design works outsourcing
  • Support services outsourcing

  • IT Management outsourcing
  • Development (Time and material)


All our services are provided quality standards undertaken by ISO, as well as our experience in providing integration and implementation of information systems.


You pay only for the services you need without spending record in terms of hiring, training, retaining and motivating the staff and complicated as IT specialists without corresponding risks.


Partner up with the company, IT service provider, which assumes responsibility for quality of service, whose criteria are fixed under transparent and understandable in accordance with contractual provisions and with the agreed SLA.


Our customers can always be sure that new ideas and suggestions will find understanding, support and creative development to us, aware of the most current trends and experience in solving immediate issues.